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IRS ‘Obamacare’ Official at 165 White House meetings; None with Shulman

by Earl F Glynn | Franklin Center

Sarah Hall Ingram at congressional hearing in 2009. Photo credit: C-SPAN Video Library.

Recent press reports focused on the 157 visits to the White House by former IRS Commissioner Douglas H. Shulman, but there has been little scrutiny of the 165 White House visits by the IRS ‘Obamacare’ official Sarah Hall Ingram.

According to White House visitor data, Shulman never attended any of Ingram’s meetings, and Ingram never attended a White House meeting with Shulman.

All of Ingram’s165 meetings were with White House staff, while only 151 of Shulman’s visits were with staff.  Shulman attended six meetings with President Barack Obama.

Ingram attended 62 White House meetings in 2011, 90 in 2012 and 13 this year (though February).

Most of Ingram’s visits were hosted by Jeanne Lambrew, who according to the Washington Post is the Deputy Assistant to the President for Health Policy.

Most of Sarah Hall Ingram’s visits to the White House were at meetings hosted by Jeanne Lambrew, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Health Reform.

53 people attended White House Meetings with Shulman or Ingram

Raw numbers show about 230 people attended meetings with Ingram at the White House.  (Some of these names could possibly be combined because of multiple spellings.)

Similar raw numbers show about 270 people attended White House staff meetings with Shulman.

A number of the visitors only attended meetings with Shulman, or only attended meetings with Ingram.  But a total of 53 people attended one or more of the White House staff meetings with both Shulman and Ingram.

The table below shows the top 20 names that attended both sets of meetings:

People at White House staff meetings with Douglas Shulman or Sarah Hall Ingram. (Note: Shulman’s 151 White House staff visits must be combined from three different name variations.)

See the complete list of names of attendees listed for all Shulman and Ingram meetings in this Excel file.

The people on the list above should be quite knowledgeable about what happened in the White House meetings with Shulman and Ingram.  The top three on this list are:

  • Richard Kronick, HHS Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Health Policy
  • Catherine E Livingston, Healthcare Counsel, IRS Office of Chief Counsel
  • Kenneth Y Choe, HHS Deputy General Counsel

Files with information about White House staff visits by Sarah Hall Ingram


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