Economical Shares in the Base of 100 Thousand


Morgan Stanley – one of the well-known capital banks from the United States of America – calculates that in 2019 the cheapest stocks on robinhood faces overweight when compared to other emerging markets. Surely this matter would affect the increase in the number of foreign investors entering Indonesia. Therefore, like a host, Indonesians should be able to seize this opportunity. Do not let strangers who want to enjoy this momentum.

Some markers that can calculate the price of an industry are economical not only by looking at the stock price, namely by looking at Price Earning Ratio (PER) and Price Book Value (PBV). Continue to be small PER and PBV, it means that industrial stocks continue to be economical. Furthermore, some good industrial shares whose share prices are below 100,000 are worth you owning:

1.Waskita Batu Precast (WSBP) Rp. 34,000

WSBP is a subsidiary of the Waskita Artificial industry which is moving in infrastructure. WSBP is the most precast stone industry in Indonesia. Industrial income in the third year reached 5, 44 T by recording net income of 884, 85 meters. WSBP itself has PER 7, 60X and PBV 1, 21x. The price of WSBP at this time is Rp. 342 or sheets. This means that we can buy WSBP shares for a fair amount of Rp. 34. 200

2.Sri Rejeki Isman (SRIL) Rp. 35. 800

SRIL is the most integrated garment and garment industry in Southeast Asia. Garment materials created by SRIL have been widely used in several countries. One of them is the clothing of the American generation, which in fact is the product of this industry from Solo.

SRIL’s income continues to grow, especially in the last 3 years. Moreover, a few months later, such a dollar was destroyed, making the industry abundant in aid. SRIL commemorates the exporter industry, whose payments automatically use dollars. SRIL has PER 5, 36X and PBV 1, 01x. At this time the stock price is located at a value of 358 or shares or Rp. 35. 800 or lots

3.Bank BRI Syariah (BRIS) Rp. 55,000

BRIS is the third Islamic bank after the Panin Dubai Syariah Bank (PNBS) and the Sharia National Pension Fund Bank (BTPS) which has listed its shares on the IDX. This subsidiary of Bank BRI, in the year III 2018 has recorded an income of 2, 6 T with a net profit of 151, 15 meters. Moreover, the distribution of People’s Effort Installments (KUR) per September has reached 99.4%.

BRIS has PER 26. 43x, whereas the PBV is 1. 05x. At this time BRIS was traded at a price of Rp. 555 or sheets. or Rp. 55. 500 or lots.

4. Big Ocean (LTLS) Rp. 57,000

LTLS is a manufacturing industry and distribution of special chemical materials and integrated basis. The industry replaces more than 100 global principals, circulates more than 1,000 chemical products, and serves more than 2. 000 clients from factory zones in all of Indonesia and the Asia Pacific area. Not only have offices in Indonesia, the industry also has agent offices in some countries such as Singapore, China, Thailand, and Vietnam.

At this time the industry revenue reached 5, 29 T with a net profit reaching 117, 09 meters. From the elementary part LTLS has PER 5, 70x and PBV 0, 44x. The current share price is located at Rp. 570 or sheets or Rp. 57,000 or lots.

5.Various types of Mining (ANTM) Rp. 59. 500

ANTM is an industry moving in aspects of natural fund mining, manufacturing, trade, transfer and other adrift services. This industry is more popular in the citizens for places to buy supreme metal. The majority of the great metal traded originated from Antam’s gold business.

3 years ago, industry income then faced an increase. Until the third year the industry successfully recorded an income of 11.82 T with a net profit of 344, 45 meters. ANTM has PER 20, 52x and PBV 0, 76x. The price at this time is Rp. 595 or sheets or Rp. 59. 500 or lots.

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